The cooking class


Where and how it performs

The class, in most cases takes place at the organizer's house, provides all the necessary equipment and ingredients. Participants not only look but also personally prepare various dishes under the supervision of the cook. At the end of the class, everyone at the table together and have lunch or dinner that was prepared.

Who teaches

Never are involved professional chefs, it is always housewives, mothers, grandmothers, fishermen or others in just a couple of words that are trafficking with food daily.


"Sea": caponata, busiate al pesto trapanese, polpette di tonno, biscotti di mandorle

9 am-2 pm 

"Land": gnocculi alla norma, carne panata alla siciliana, patate arrosto con finocchiella, cassatelle di ricotta

9 am-2 pm

"Pic nic": arancini, cannoli

9 am-2 pm

Fresh ricotta cheese, honey and pizza:

5,30 pm - 9,30 pm

preparation of ricotta with tasting of the same during the different steps, quagliata, mozzarella, ricotta, primo sale, squeezing hand of the honey bee and tasting combined with ricotta, dinner of pizzas prepared by you with the help of ricottaro’s wife

Fishing and eat:

9 am-5 pm

Boat exit to reach the area where the nets or traps are dropped, which are sailed by helping the fishermen.
Then it goes along the coast until you reach a small cove protected, and while fishermen cook your catch, swimming and binge.
After lunch another ride in the boat and back home.

Tuna in oil:

2 appointments on consecutive days. The appointments have a duration of about four hours each, and always end with a meal.


Sequence of photos

Rates on request

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